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Medical Equipment and Surgical Appliances Supply Management is not Easy to Handle .
Therefore Al Maysoon will bear all  costs of , Risk Involved  ,Difficulties  issues in Marketing plus Costs  of Generating Sales of Medical  Equipment And Surgical Appliances .
Because of our experience, we provide all required assistance to the ( clients , medical device manufacturers  ,Surgical appliances manufacturers), throughout overall supply chain.
We ensure Cost-Effective Supply Solutions, Safety ,and Quality, so that Our Clients can Focus their Time and Attention on their Core Business.
And through Offering and Supplying Consultancy and Solution Design in Management of the Operation and Providing Visibility.
Plus, Religion  Management , End Users  Management , and Value added Services, Logistics ,Freight Management Across All Modes, Cargo Insurance, Quality Control and Pre-Shipment Inspection, Customs Services , Clearance, including Covering All After Sales Services for  Warranty Period .
Other Services
Al Maysoon is an International leading provider  in offering  Profisional Presentation , Teaching , and Executing  Workshop  for our clients in  Our Show room and other sites for all Products of our Manufacturers .
As well doing all  local Training needed in each hospital to clinic staff to ensure the Best Safty and Correct Handling of Using Medical Equipment  and Surgical Appliances.